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AccessNI will take steps to ensure that the organisation applying to become a Registered Body is a legitimate organisation and entitled to ask exempted questions or likely to countersign applications on its own or another’s behalf.

To protect Applicants it is essential that AccessNI policies are fully adhered to.

The organisation needs to submit a supporting statement on the Registration Form to explain its business in some detail.

We will monitor the performance of Registered Bodies and can impose sanctions for breaches of the terms of registration.

Failure to comply with AccessNI’s policies could result in the offending Lead or Counter-signatory being de-registered.

The AccessNI Code of Practice and Explanatory Guide contains clear instructions as to how the RB is expected to use the information that is provided under Part V of the Police Act 1997; and how to discharge any function under Part V.  RBs will find the Explanatory Guide in this guide helpful in clarifying their legal responsibilities in this respect.

In monitoring RBs, AccessNI may seek to confirm that they are complying with the Code of Practice.  Specifically, AccessNI will seek to:

  • Identify those no longer likely to ask exempted questions.
  • Ensure that requirements in respect of security and retention of Disclosures information are being met.
  • Confirm that those registered are seeking the appropriate level of Disclosure.
  • Advise those registered on good practice in the use of Disclosure information.

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