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Justice Minister calls for an end to terrorism

Justice Minister David Ford has strongly condemned those who continue to pursue violence to achieve their political ends and have tried to murder a police officer in East Belfast.
Monday, 31 December 2012

Clearly those who are responsible for such acts have no regard for the safety of the community.

Minister of Justice David Ford MLA,Northern Ireland Department of Justice

David Ford said; "I utterly condemn those who have attempted to murder a police officer in East Belfast. Fortunately, due to the officer's commendable vigilance, the attempt on his life was not successful.

"Let us be clear. This was an attack not only on a police officer and his family but on our whole community. The officer was serving the community; he was working for all of us.

"I also condemn those who last week caused disruption and distress to residents in Derry and Portrush by placing hoax devices near their homes.

"Clearly those who are responsible for such acts have no regard for the safety of the community.

"It is ironic that this latest attack was carried out so close to Stormont, where those who are democratically elected seek to move matters forward through debate. The people responsible for this and other recent attacks have no mandate and speak for no-one. They need to recognise the futility of their campaign and respect the wishes of the vast majority of our community who want an end to all violent acts.

"As we approach a new year filled with promise in terms of the events we are hosting, I call on all those with any role in, knowledge of, or influence over those promoting acts of terror to recognise they do not have the right to intimidate, murder or in any other way to seek to undermine the democratic process. I call on them to reflect on their actions and I warn them that their current path will lead to them facing justice. Is that really what they, their partners, children and parents want?

"I would urge anyone with information about this murder bid and other crimes to pass it on to the PSNI or to the independent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

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