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Consultation on Sex Offender Notification and Violent Offender Orders

The proposals for consultation will reform the law on sex offender notification by increasing the effectiveness of the notification framework and responding to a Supreme Court judgement on the current law on indefinite notification.

There is also a proposal to introduce more controls over the risk from violent offenders in the community.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on:

A framework for reviewing indefinite periods of notification

This proposal is in response to a judgement of the Supreme Court, applicable across all UK jurisdictions, which ruled that indefinite periods of notification, without the opportunity for review, were incompatible with human rights obligations.

Strengthening the requirements to make them more effective

This section proposes a number of amendments to make the law more effective, including requiring offenders to provide additional information to the police such as passport and bank account details and increasing the scope of sexual offences prevention orders.  

Violent offenders

This proposal would introduce violent offender orders, similar to sexual offences prevention orders, designed to reduce risk from violent offenders in the community.

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Responses to this consultation

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