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Statistics & Research

About Department of Justice Analytical Services Group (ASG)

Analytical Services Group (ASG) is a statistical and research grouping within the DoJ which incorporates the former Statistics and Research Branch, together with the statistics and research personnel of the Youth Justice Agency and the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service. It was established on 2 September 2013 following a strategic review of the statistical and research needs of the Department of Justice and its Agencies. ASG currently has a complement of 17 statisticians, all of whom are on loan from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

Key aims

  • to provide a robust research and statistical evidence base to inform the development, implementation and review of DOJ policy, in particular, in support of:
    • the Programme for Government
    • equity monitoring within the criminal justice system
  • to provide objective information on the operation of the Northern Ireland justice system to the Assembly, policy makers, practitioners and the general public.

Specific Objectives

  • the provision of research and statistical analyses that monitor the operation of the justice system;
  • the provision of research and statistical analyses of the effectiveness of processes and programmes within the justice system;
  • the provision of research-based analyses and information on the effectiveness of the component elements of the justice system including departmental initiatives and projects;
  • the provision of analyses of issues relating to equity of treatment and public confidence in the justice system;
  • encouraging and supporting academic and independent criminological research in the university, voluntary and private sectors; and
  • publishing relevant research and statistical bulletins as required.

User Surveys

Users of the statistics produced by the Analytical Services Group are surveyed on a regular basis to determine their

  • satisfaction with the service provided by the branch
  • experiences of the data quality and the format and timing of key reports produced by the branch.

Results from the latest surveys can be accessed here.

User Consultation

The Department of Justice is currently seeking user views on proposed changes to the format of the Digest of Information on the Northern Ireland Criminal Justice System (the ‘Digest’).  If you would like to contribute to this consultation, please click on the link below:-

Should you wish to have a look at the latest edition of the Digest before completing the survey, it can be accessed at the following link:-

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